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Nov 1 2011

Meet FV’s Julia Rep…

The heart and soul of Fashionvilla is the lovely Julia Rep. The striking German blond has been passionate about fashion and fabrics for as long as she can remember… Read here about Julia’ fashion influences and the joy she gets from transforming fashionvilla Marbella clients!


FV – Meet Julia Rep  – the face of Fashionvilla Marbella

How did you get into fashion Julia?
My mother was a textile designer, so I grew up with an awareness of fabrics, colours, patterns and the allure of clothing…

What was the inspiration for Fashionvilla Marbella?
We are German, but we had a family home here in Marbella, and we had the idea to  create a unique multi-brand experience for women living in and visiting Marbella. We wanted to offer women beautiful clothes that were not from the high street, or high
fashion either – a happy half-way, and items you can’t find in other stores! That was 7 years ago!

What makes fashion in Marbella different?
Because of the amazing climate, and the sunlight, people in Marbella tend to wear brighter colours – and the style is generally dress up, rather than dress down.   At cocktails and launches in northern Europe, jeans and boots are seen, but here it’s cocktail dresses.  Galas however, in Germany, are much more formal than here!

Can you describe an average day in your Fashionvilla world?
My days – and timetables vary enormously – which is great, no boring routines for me! Sometimes I am up at 6am doing paperwork and planning outfits for my shows, searching the web for new brands and accessories. Then I have fittings with models, attend to clients during our normal opening hours, and then more often or not I have social engagements in the evenings – our own Fashionvilla events, charity dos, dinners, etcetera – nights at home are rare for me!

What is your personal fashion weakness?
I just love jackets – I have to keep buying them – blazers, military style, classic, edgy: A good jacket can totally make an outfit!

What do you just love about Fashionvilla?
It is simply wonderful to help other women fulfill their dreams – you can see their confidence grow when they find the right outfit- change your style, change your life – it is so true!  Also, many of my lovely clients have become special friends – which is fabulous!

What does fashion contribute to our lives?
Look good – feel good!  Fashion gives women confidence and an outfit can totally change a woman’s body image.  A simple accessory can transform an old dress or suit into something really fashionable.  Fashion is a kind of magic wand to transform people, moods and add fun and colour to life!

What are your top 3 recommended fashion buys this season?
I would have to say animal print, outdoor jackets and blazers… there I go with the jackets again!  And slim fit trousers in black or camel… eternally elegant.  Oh!  And let’s not forget fur!  A fur hat, gloves, scarf or bag – that is a must this winter!

What is your ultimate fashion fantasy?
I am a big fan of Georgio Armani, so I would love to be involved in an Armani fashion show  – that would be a dream!

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